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Shameless Ebay Promotions

Want IT from ebay? Find IT here!

Shameless Ebay Promotions... You needed, we got it
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Welcome to ebay promotions, the best place on lj to promote your auctions without any hassle! Feel free to lurk or to post what you're looking to buy or what you're selling. The rules are simple:
1.) When you post, please put seller or buyer in the subject
2.) Make it clear when your auction ends and give a general idea of what you're selling. If it's lengthy, stick it behind a cut.
3.) If you're selling, please put a link to your items.
and most importantly...
We mean it. If you spam, you will be banned. All posts must involve ebay. Feel free to post problems, but please don't unnecessarily slam buyers/sellers. You will be warned once if we have to remove your post. THe second time you will be banned.

Enjoy, and happy buying!